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The National

The National -  Boxer  (2007)

The National - Boxer (2007)

The songs on this album are deliberately fashioned in order to get into our heads and punch us in our guts. You will have to sit and listen to this work from beginning to end, without skipping tracks, in order to truly appreciate its message. The band celebrated the ten-year anniversary of Boxer by performing the record in its entirety in Brussels, Belgium, during November 2017. The performance was released on vinyl as a limited edition Record Store Day 2018 exclusive. If you already have thoughts on this album or if you have the time to listen, please feel free to comment.

*Special shout-out and thank-you to my good friend, Drew Burks, for gifting me the live version of this record.

-Tracy Senne

Boxer is like an Oreo cookie: “Fake Empire” on top; “Gospel” on the bottom; and “Squalor Victoria” in between. Speaking of which, can I get a double-stuffed version of that song? I guess repeat will have to do.

Squalor Victoria,

Squalor Victoria.

-Tyler Hardwick

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