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Arctic Monkeys -  AM  (2013)

Arctic Monkeys - AM (2013)

AM is groovy as hell and includes plenty of sexy guitar riffs, but if you listen to the album at just the right time, it has the potential to bing you to your knees. 

Tracy Senne

I can’t help but think to myself I bet this music would sound great in an arena.

Bold, Beguiling, and British

The Arctic Monkeys’ AM is chock full of catchy riffs that make you want to bob your head. The bass and drums sync like clockwork and bounce like a playground kickball: springy, but with a fat, satisfying thwump. The lyrics are sneakily ear-wormy too, and by the end, even lines such as “Let me be the portable heater that you’ll get cold without,” are stuck in your head. 

Don’t blame me. 

How To Sell You On This Record

Start at “Fireside” and listen through “I Wanna Be Yours”. That’s the last five songs on the record — a nice, easy commitment — and my favorite stretch.

Tyler Hardwick

Tyler Hardwick